Luxury shopping paper bags are an original, smart marketing strategy for communicating your brand, usually used in retail purchases, they feature with stylish looks, made of robust materials of high quality, and finished with beautiful details, creating a great shopping experience for your customers, as well as being a walking ads when the customers leave the store. 
Have you been looking for a reliable manufacturer of luxury paper bags for your brand or store? You are in the right place! Here at Pak2Eco, we can offer complete customization to meet your needs and wishes from paper types, bag size, carrying handles, printing and other precious details that will enrich a bag with a professional, high-quality look. 
Moreover, our factory has advanced automatic production lines to produce the luxury paper bag(including the cardboard reinforcements around handles and at the bottom), only the handles are fixed by labor.  Compared with hand made, automation has the advantages of higher production capacitty, more assured quality, lowering cost and shortening the lead time. Autobag coupled with labor handle fixing is applicable to kraft paper(120gsm-250gsm), available in range of sizes.  Having said all of above, if choose Pak2Eco, you will get a more cost-effective packaging solution for your brand. 
But if the luxury paper bag that is made of cardboard, or kraft paper with some special finishings still mainly depends on hand work. We have a professional manual production team of handmade bag to produce the high-quality products, and we can offer customers a competitive  price as well.
We use either Kraft paper or Cardboard material in various levels of thickness to produce our paper bags. Of course, we can also produce your luxury paper bag with FSC certified paper.
To put it simply,  there are white and brown kraft paper options. We start at a thickness of 120gsm with this material, and they produce a natural finish. Luxury printed kraft paper bags are very trendy now because the kraft Paper is one of the most cost-effective material options and available with different paper thickness, print options, handles and extra features like with extra cardboard reinforcement around handles and at the base .
In contrast, our cardboard paper bags start at a thickness level of 150gsm, they also have two colors options as well, either white or black,   the paper colors is customizable.  With this material, there is a default lamination (matte or glossy) unless you specifically request none. This provides an extra layer of protection for your design. Cardboad produces a more refined finish and is best for full-colour print. The majority of printing features and finishes do show up better on this material as it is sturdier than the kraft paper option.

The luxury shopping paper bags feature a handle in a fine, soft, colorful features can add a touch of elegance to the bags, making them look more classy and sophisticated. Usually, they are made of cotton, silk, nylon, or polyester, but these materials could not be recycled with paper bag as they would potentially contaminate the recycling chain.  
The luxurious and sustainable alternative is woven paper rope or ribbon  (weaving thin paper strands (around 1mm diameter) into a cord or braid), it could be 100% recyclable with paper products, it can be woven into different patterns and dyed to different colors without feeling cheap like a twisted paper handle, its luxury feature is no less than fabric handle.
fabric handles oprtionLUXURY oprtion
A high-quality branded packaging with fine printing or luxurious finishings is a great way  to build your brand’s visibility, and enhance your customer’s experience. There’s no limit to the kind of prints that you want to add on the bags, we offer a wide variety of printings&finishings options to meet your needs and wishes, including flexo printing, embossing, debossing, foil, UV spot, hot stamping

There’s no limit to the imagination when it comes to customising your packaging items, want to know more about luxury paper bags or place an order right now? Click the contact buttons on the right of the page for a free quote and free sample.
Check out some of our past projects to get inspiration for your next packaging line! We work with popular brands, including BOSS, SEED, JAGUAR, and MASSIMO DUTTI etc..


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