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ECOPAK,the forefront pioneer in paper packaging manufacturing in China. Renowned for our exceptional standards, we stand as the leading choice for quality paper packaging solutions.
on-line delivery bag

Retail Shopping & On-line Shopping Packaging

A bag with tailored printing and structure is the best way to make your brand shine.
various handle bags, on-line shopping packaging and gift packaging are available
Check-out bag

Delivery & Take-out Bag

Pak2Eco provides all related packaging for food delivey. Paper container, paper box, paper wrap, paper placemat, foil bag, take away bag etc. 
11" wide bottom gusset automatic bag.Bags with tamper evident launched into the maket. 

Food packaging

Food Packaging & Generic Packaging

As a povider of full range packaging for quick service restaurants, Pak2Eco have standard size and standard material in stock for satchel bag, coffee cup, burger wrap, tissue, etc. you just need to provide artwork and waiting for the delivery. Customization is also welcomed.

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Fine Food Australia 2023

Attention Restaurant Owners and Packaging Distributors! Join us at the NRA Exhibition in Chicago! Calling all restaurant owners and packaging distributors! We have some thrilling news to share. Ecopak, the leading packaging manufacturer for eco-friendly food solutions, is delighted to announce our p

2023 NRA BANNER-1.jpg
National Restaurant Association Show 2023

Attention Restaurant Owners and Packaging Distributors! Join us at the NRA Exhibition in Chicago! Calling all restaurant owners and packaging distributors! We have some thrilling news to share. Ecopak, the leading packaging manufacturer for eco-friendly food solutions, is delighted to announce our


Packaging is a daily thing, whether it is a food packaging, electronics packaging, cosmetics packaging, or packaging of a piece of clothing, it has a purpose for existence.Do you remember the last item you bought? If yes, could you tell what impression its packaging brings to you? What image comes f

11" or 280mm Gusset Bag

These big gusset handle paper bags are suitable for all shopping purpose. As a takeaway bag, it is strong and sturdy to carry your pizza boxes, cake boxes without any trouble.

A Guide to Paper Bag Handle Types

When it comes to paper bags, people may typically picture a simple example with any handles at all-the typical lunch bag. However, paper bags come with a variety of different ways to customize them and make them unique to your brand or business. Aside from paper type, size, printing, the type of ha

Different Food Packaging Printing

A big advantage of inline production is that labels can be printed on the front, back, sides, and bottom. For high volumes, this is a cost-effective packaging solution.Here is the content list:There is a style for every purposeFood packaging printingPost-press custom printingThere is a style for eve

Advantages and classification of paper bags compared to plastic bags

Environmentally friendly high-quality Paper bags are relative to plastic bags, as long as the material of the bag contains a part of the paper, they can be collectively referred to as high-quality Paper bags. Paper bags are low in cost and easy to degrade in the environment, while the raw materials

SOS bags are a great choice

With our advanced machine, we can stamp your bags with your brand or logo in-house. If you want something more complicated to show all your colors, that's fine too. We'll help you through the process. We're proud to be your partner throughout the process. Find out what we mean on our customization p

New trend of paper bags and green environmental protection concept

Every coffee mug or takeaway bag that leaves your cafe or restaurant is a tiny champion of your company. But at the end of the day, it's almost always a one-off. When you have high-quality tote bags emblazoned with your logo, these are the guys who will be walking around town while showing off your

We supply a variety of bags to cover all needs

Invented by Ohio-born mechanical engineer Charles Stilwell in 1882, the high-quality SOS bag has been a favorite for years because it stands up and is easy to fill. This invention improved the experience for store owners and shoppers and led to the introduction of the shopping bag with handles in 19

The variety and brand of paper bags are very important

According to the material, paper bags can be divided into white cardboard paper bags, white board paper bags, coated paper bags, kraft paper bags, and a small amount of high-quality special paper.Here is the content list:Types of paper bagsBrand is importantTypes of paper bagsWhite cardboard: White

Choose our products with confidence

At Pak2Eco, we develop, manufacture, and supply a wide range of world-class paper bags for the grocery, and food service industries. Without a doubt, Pak2Eco is the first sustainable option that can help you shine your brand and grow your business. Our customers include Macy's, MUJI, ZARA, Nike, UBE

We can meet your various requirements for a paper bag

Luxury paper bags are an original, smart brand communication strategy, often used in retail purchases. They are stylish in appearance, made of high-quality sturdy materials, and beautifully detailed. Luxury paper bags create a great shopping experience for your customers, as well as a walk-up ad whe

Our paper bag service is trustworthy

Pak2Eco's production line consists of 5 0 fully automatic paper bag/carton machines, capable of producing 60 million paper bags and 2,000,000 cartons, trays, and millions of SOS, satchels, and wrapping paper per month. We have more than 20 years of rich experience in the paper bag industry, providin

We have paper bags with different types of handles

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular. However, being able to buy a paper bag with excellent performance and compostability is a pain point for all brands!Here is the content list:We answer your doubts for youFive different types of handlesWe answer your doubts for youYou might think of


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