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Shopping Bags

Pak2Eco provides a wide range of options in paper shopping bag, a tailored bag for a better shopping experience.

Automatic machine made shopping bag, twisted handle, flat handle, die-cut handle, pp handle,soft handle, paper circular-knit handle are available and handle color could be customized.

Apparel and luxury brands choose our Semi-auto, hand made fancy bag and luxury box . with 500pcs MOQ and various kind of paper and finishing, the Fancy bag is an amazing option for promotion bag, event or meeting.

Food Packaging

Pak2Eco is a leading sustainable food packaging solution provider for all kind food related packaging.

Whether the bag with handle and tamper evident, SOS bags for food delivery, or satchel bag, box, tray, wrap, cup for a fast food restaurant. We have decent machine to make them and  sufficient capacity to ensure delivery in time.

You will see our packaging products everywhere in daily life. You may touch our baguette bag, cookie bag, mushroom bag, potato bag, even the check out bag when you in the supermarket.

Anything packaging related to food, you can find it in our category.

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