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Packaging Printing

Promoting the brand and product on packaging is a smart, and strategic element for any marketing plan. Packaging isn’t just a “tool” to protect, store and transport products, it’s a way to build your brand’s visibility and enhance your customer’s experience,  so your packaging design is as essential as the product itself, and we can help you print your design on our products, all of Pak2Eco products  (Bags, cups, trays, bowls, wraps and mailers) are able to be custom-printed to make your brand shine and promote your business. 
We use flexo printing mainly with water-based ink, soy-based ink which is eco friendly and could be food  grade.
With dozens of Flexo printing machine you can see your design alive in a short time, sample lead time is 1 week, produciton lead time is 20-25days. Contact us to learn more……
Hot Stamping is available on our products. The professional, high-quality look of a Hot-Stamped logo  builds customer awareness by transforming your bags and boxes into walking ads when your customers leave the store.

Minimum Order Quantities

Pak2Eco can help work through all the requirements for customers’ order, from making the plate, to making sample, to  confirming the order, to production, through to shipping.

Here is Minimum order quantities (MOQs) for customer reference , MOQs will be different according to factors including type of item,  standard size or custom size,  number of  colours, ink coverage . This table is a guide only, please feel free to contact Pak2Eco who will advise based on your needs.


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You are here: Home » Design & Production » Custom Print
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