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We provide you with the best solution

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When it comes to a paper bag, people usually think of it as a handle. However, paper bags have a number of different ways to customize them to make them unique to your brand or business. Along with paper type, size, and printing, the type of handle on your bag is also a customizable option.

Here is the content list:

  • Why our products are your best solution

  • Different Types of Handles

Why our products are your best solution

  1. Good delivery performance

  2. Waterproof

  3. The bottom gusset can be used for large storage space

  4. Wide range of sizes. 190-1000mm wide, 230-560mm high, 60-350mm bottom gusset, 20-200mm size gusset.

5.1 or 2 top adhesive and perforated lines for easy opening and secure closing

6. The handle is hidden inside the paper bag for easy carrying

7. Provide a die-cut handle

Different Types of Handles

  1. Twist paper handles are the most common design for paper bags, and since they are cords made of paper twist, they are easily recyclable and biodegradable. Paper bags with twisted paper handles are more economical than cotton handles and since they are machine-made, they are great for carrying weight without breaking. We offer standard colors of white or brown, but other colors can be customized for larger orders. These handles are not as luxurious as cotton or satin, but they have a natural charm of their own.

  2. The second most common type of handle you can find is a kraft paper bag with a flat paper handle, which is similar to twisted paper handles in that they are also made of paper-saving, 100% recyclable, and Made of biodegradable material. The kraft paper bag with a flat handle is also produced fully automatically, but it has a large load capacity and will not be damaged. It is a cost-effective packaging solution. As with the twisted paper handles, there are two standard colors available - white or brown, but other colors can also be customized.

  3. Kraft carry bags die-cut handles use strong plastic film or paper no less than twisted handles and flat handles. They are not handles in the traditional sense but are carefully cut so that you can use them as handles. They're easy to make and strong enough for grocery and food delivery. Note, however, that the overall strength of the handle depends on the quality of the paper used in the paper bag. Die-cut handles will pack in more quantities than twist handles and flat handles, which is a great solution for reducing shipping costs.

Pak2Eco,, is a dynamic, creative, experienced, and responsible team. Everyone on the team is committed to providing the best products and services to our customers. Our company has developed a wide range of paper bags which are tested extensively before leaving the factory to ensure quality. As a professional manufacturer, we specialize in manufacturing the highest quality paper bag. We have conducted a large number of tests before leaving the factory to ensure the quality. You can consider using our cost-effective products. Thank you for your time! We are looking forward you to coming to contact us!

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