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The development market and development prospect of kraft paper

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In the process of practical merchandise bags' innovative design practice around the concept of green development, the environmental protection of materials has always been implemented throughout the design. Breaking the practice of using high-tech fabrics, we found a kraft paper material that is easy to obtain and easy to shape.

Here is the content list:

  • The development market of kraft paper

  • The benefits of kraft paper bag

  • The development prospect of kraft paper

The development market of kraft paper

Kraft paper is a high-grade packaging paper, which can be used to make commodity handbags, envelopes, file bags, etc., and can also be used in kraft paper bags for food packaging. In recent years, with the rapid development of the packaging industry, my country's kraft paper bag market demand has grown rapidly, and some domestic paper companies have also increased the production and development of kraft paper, and the market share of domestic kraft paper is also increasing. Due to the special use of kraft paper, there are higher requirements on the strength index. According to the kraft paper sample index data collected by market research, compared with pure paper, kraft paper has higher tensile strength, folding endurance, tearing degree, and lower ash content and Cobb value.

The benefits of kraft paper bag

The tensile index, tear index, folding endurance, and bursting strength of kraft paper are all higher than those of pure paper. On the basis of the production process of pure paper, it is necessary to adjust the process to improve the strength of the paper, so as to produce kraft paper bag products with market competitiveness.

As the concept of sustainable development is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the environmentally friendly paper will be the development trend of paper companies in the future. As the main force of environmentally friendly paper, kraft paper has attracted everyone's attention. It has penetrated all aspects of our life and work. Kraft paper bag shows the advantages that other packaging materials do not have in terms of recycling and reuse: good toughness, high strength, green environmental protection, and a wide range of uses. The implementation of policies such as "plastic restriction order" and "plastic ban order" has further promoted the kraft paper industry. development of.

The development prospect of kraft paper

There are many types of kraft paper, which are mainly divided into natural color kraft paper and white kraft paper according to the color. Natural kraft paper can be divided into two categories according to raw materials: pure wood pulp and waste paper pulp.

In the later period, with the improvement of environmental protection requirements, plastic bags gradually decreased, and the consumption of kraft paper bags in China increased. In particular, the amount of lightweight kraft paper bag paper within a certain technical range will increase, and domestic factories will inevitably increase their production capacity in this area to meet market demand. At the same time, more garbage bags of waste paper grade will be developed to replace plastic garbage bags, which require certain strength, water resistance, and natural degradability. There is still more work to be done in this area. At present, more domestic development directions are applied to the paper bag industry, especially the lightweight paper bag industry.

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