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Different Food Packaging Printing

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A big advantage of inline production is that labels can be printed on the front, back, sides, and bottom. For high volumes, this is a cost-effective packaging solution.

Here is the content list:

  • There is a style for every purpose

  • Food packaging printing

  • Post-press custom printing

There is a style for every purpose

Polyethylene lining to protect contents from contamination.

PLA Lining - The perfect choice for any eco-friendly coffee shop or business.

Poly/plastic laminated bags, combine these materials to provide a barrier for your high-quality products.

With window & without windows, this is a great way to show off these featured items in your store.

Heat sealable. With these bags, the top opening can be sealed (with your heat sealer) for a durable and secure fit. Once sealed, the top of the bag becomes tamper-resistant with a tear-off opening for buyers to remove.

Food packaging printing

Hot stamping

Hot stamping custom printing is a cost-effective packaging solution.

This process requires a metal etched plate for imprinting the art. Therefore, the image needs to be fairly simple line art.

The board is heated and then pressed under pressure through a film with a layer of the preferred color. The heated raised areas of the plate image essentially iron the color layers of the film onto the box or bag.

Hot stamping is a manual, hand-fed process, so it is best suited for small batches.

online and post press

Some projects are best suited for printing on paper or plastic before the product is formed, folded, and glued, this is known as "inline printing".

And, some projects are best suited for printing after the product has been formed, folded, and glued. This is called "post-press".

Post-press custom printing

Some products cannot be printed once the product has been formed – in such as semi-automatic boxes or corrugated cups.

Post-press custom printing is done by printing on a product that has already been folded, glued, and finished in its final form.

Post-printing can be done by a variety of printing methods including digital, flexo, or hot stamping - depending on the specific item and quantity.

It is important to remember that post-printing on a product means printing is done on an imperfect surface. As a result, the print may occasionally have some imperfections due to slight variations in the folding, gluing, or molding of the product.

Postpress is also limited by the "live print area" available for imprinting. The finished product may have wrinkles or seams on which the printing equipment may not print well. For example, a fully assembled shopping bag has handles glued to the inside of the bag, and the printing plate will not even touch the paper. In these cases, we have to keep some distance from the "non-planar" part of the bag for proper contact. We offer top-quality factory prices.

If you are interested in purchasing top-quality factory-price paper bags, visit our website: to get more professional information about top quality factory price paper bags. We will welcome you with high-quality products and good service as well as low prices! In order to provide comprehensive technical support to our customers, we will provide technical and other related information in a timely manner upon request.

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