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Development and requirements of bag packaging

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With the continuous deepening of economic and social development, the status and role of ecological civilization construction have become increasingly prominent. Building an ecological civilization is a major plan that concerns the well-being of the people and the future of the nation. Improve the quality of the environment, make up for the shortcomings of ecological and environmental protection, and develop a green, low-carbon, civilized, and healthy lifestyle and consumption pattern. Under such an era background, designers are required to consider how to guide the design of a green development concept while pursuing the innovative design of merchandise bags.

Here is the content list:

The development of bag packaging

Bags, as one of the oldest items, developed along with the birth of human beings and social changes. The earliest bags were mainly made of natural animal skins. With the appearance of bone needles, the sewing of bags is more refined, and the shape and structure are more diverse. When the development of the human textile industry expands, the materials of paper bags are also diversified, and bags of various materials emerge in an endless stream, such as kraft paper bags, nylon bags, and polyester bags, and their functions have also developed from a single practicability to practicability and Decorative combined.

Requirements for merchandise bags

According to the design style and use of merchandise bag products, different paper bags have different styles, structures, and materials. For example, the structure of daily life bags generally adopts semi-rigid or soft shapes, and soft materials are selected to fully reflect the natural style. In the actual design, the style design and material selection of the work must be completed first according to the design concept, and then the next step is structural analysis and component structure drawing.

In today's paper bag design, the practicality of the paper bag is related to the structure. The functional practicability of merchandise bags is not only related to the structure but also closely related to the material of the paper bag. The durability of materials has become another focus of designers. Furthermore, the capacity and load-bearing capacity of paper bags are also important needs of some consumers. That is to say, the practical characteristics of the paper bag in the design process are mainly reflected in its four elements: structure, material, capacity, and load-bearing capacity.

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