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Advantages and classification of paper bags compared to plastic bags

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Environmentally friendly high-quality Paper bags are relative to plastic bags, as long as the material of the bag contains a part of the paper, they can be collectively referred to as high-quality Paper bags. Paper bags are low in cost and easy to degrade in the environment, while the raw materials of Paper bags are produced from plants such as trees. There are only a few steps of plant cutting, paper making, and molding. Compared with the chemical synthesis process of plastic bags (from oil and gas to polypropylene plastic PP), the pollution is relatively less.

Here is the content list:

  • Advantages of Paper bags over plastic bags

  • Classification of Paper bags

Advantages of Paper bags over plastic bags

  1. High-quality Paper bags are biodegradable, but plastic bags are not;

  2. The commonly used plastic bags are made of polyethylene and the raw material used is petroleum, which is already our scarce energy source. In contrast, Paper bags are made from trees, a renewable resource.

  3. The process of producing plastic bags will bring more serious water and air pollution problems;

  4. Recycling plastic bags also consume more energy;

  5. It is difficult to degrade plastic bags if they are disposed of in a landfill.

Classification of Paper bags

According to the side of the bag, the bottom and the bottom sealing method are different: there are four types of Paper bags: open seam bottom bag, open glued corner bottom bag, valve type seamed bag, and valve type flat hexagonal end bottom adhesive bag.

According to the different handles and hole-digging methods: NKK (punching and threading), NAK (no hole and rope, divided into non-folding and standard folding type), DCK (cordless bag body digging handle), BBK (with Tongue does not punch).

According to different uses: including file bags, envelopes, handbags, cement bags, feed bags, wax Paper bags, fertilizer bags, laminated Paper bags, four-layer Paper bags, medicine bags, clothing bags, food bags, shopping bags, gift bags, and drinks bags. Different purposes, the designed specifications, and sizes, including the thickness of high-quality paper bag paper, have many requirements, so it is necessary to customize according to the actual situation, to achieve twice the result with half the effort, economical and applicable purposes, for material reduction, environmental protection, corporate capital investment, Provides more protection.

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